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Profile : Background

Dancer 1 : Angela Alessio’s passions lie in dance, music, entertainment and performance arts. She has been involved with professional event coordination/ production, and dance troupe management from a young age. Her involvement with transformational festivals and live performance/ theater extends throughout the United States. She has worked as a performer and production in the festival industry including; Harmony/ Techno-Tribal, Earthdance, Reggae on the River, Wanderlust, Gathering of the Vibes and Burning Man. She also has been involved in visionary productions such as Mystic Beat Lounge, Lightseeed and Space Island all which integrate cutting edge music, live performance, set and light design and interactive experiences. Collaborating talents, visions, creative experiences with other artisans and musicians.

Angela has an extensive background in dance and is trained in a variety of styles including; jazz, modern, lyrical, Tahitian, hip-hop & dance- theater. She has performed throughout the United States with a variety of multi-faceted troupes. She has been trained in a number of Martial Arts that have inspired much of her style and have shaped her training techniques.

Angela is a self-taught fire dancer/ performer, and began spinning fire in 1999. She continued to teach herself how to move and integrate her dance style with the movement of a variety of fire dancer props; single staff, double staff, single hula-hoop, double hula hoops, snakes, fans, umbrellas, fire eating and breathing. She soon began professionally fire dancing at corporate events, festivals, weddings, and private parties with larger troupes. She continues to blend her self-taught knowledge and her dance-trained background to create spectacular shows with the flair and art of a fire-dancer.

Additional Experience: Troupe Formation,  choreographer, dance troupe manager, production /  show manager, creative director. Pre / Post Production, Audio / Visual Technical Abilities, Custom Sound track mixes, Custom Theme Shows.

Fire Alliance is a collaborative project. Dancers are Freelance Artists & AllStars who have worked in the industry for upwards of 20 years. Each artist has his/her unique set of talents and offerings to bring to the table. Each artist is represented by his/her personal brand and brought together in this forum to Elevate one another on a professional level.

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